Types of Provision

Assess and Engage is education for young people aged 13 to 16. This intervention is done on a whole or targeted group level. Aimed at young people who are perceived or on the cusps of ASB, criminal exploitation and gang involvement including drugs, guns and knives.

Engage & Re-engage programmes work with Young People and where needed their families to engage and successfully re-engage them with more sustainable living. These young people show clear signs of criminal activity, violent crime and exploitation. 


Interventions focus on 6 key areas; Aspirations,​ ​Social​ ​Barriers,​ ​Actions​ ​&​ ​Consequences, Personality,​ ​Personal​ ​Development​ ​and​ ​Social​ ​Awareness. 

These interventions are conducted in a series of ways; 6 Week Engagement within schools, 1 to 1 Mentoring, Family Support and Community Engagement. 

Schools and organisations have a continued support network for those Children and Young People who are on the cusp of exclusion due to association with antisocial behaviour, criminal activity and drugs. Schools will be able to action learners needs through interventions during school hours. Exploring and identifying the reasons for involvement in antisocial behaviours. Provide Children and Young People with clear guidance on personal progression through the 6 key components. 

1 to 1 Mentoring and Family Support works intensively with individuals and families who are suffering due to Anti-Social Behaviour and Criminal Activity. This aims to provide the skills and attitudes required for successful re-engagement into society. As a result Young People have displayed increased levels of attainment in school, further education and career aspirations.  

Community Engagement serves to break down barriers that exist between young people and figures of authority. These barriers are targeted out of school hours and during holidays through outreach activities. Mentors gain trust and allow pathways for a brighter future to appear beyond street level criminality.